I’m Still Here

November 15, 2009

If any of you find a page on Stardoll where people have their own images on it, tell me and I’ll look into it – I’m still here monitoring comments. Same goes if you find a site that sells the code or whatever to put any images on a Stardoll presentation page, tell me 🙂


Thanks :)

February 24, 2009

I’d just like to thank ‘D’ who posted a reply in my previous message ‘Wow’. However, unfortunately, that image was done my Stardoll, not any outside hosting (like TinyPic, PhotoBucket, ImageShack…). You can tell if an image is by Stardoll or not by right clicking on the image and pressing ‘Properties’, if the location says ‘stardoll.com/imagebank/’ then it’s by Stardoll.

So, thankyou for the tip off ‘D’, it’s just a shame it’s not what we thought 😦 But, if anyone out there finds any images not hosted by Stardoll, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

Oh, and I deleted all the pages at the side, it’s jut so people don’t get confused that the pages work or something 🙂


January 19, 2009

It seems people still visit this site, I thank you all for your dedication to those who used to love it when it at the top of its game 🙂

I’ve had people visit this site and leave me messages wondering why the codes don’t work or why I let this site die. The thing is, I didn’t want it to die, I really didn’t, I paid for a Photobucket account for a year to host the images on that won’t crash, so I was 100% into this site.

So, what happened? Well, Stardoll happened 😛 It didn’t like pictures on their site that they couldn’t control and when they found out my way to put them on, they stopped it. It’s really as simple as that, I had no control over the situation. I wish it still worked, I really do, but there’s nothing I can do. They’ve blocked all the ways to put images on Stardoll that don’t do it their way 😦

But hey, if any of you know a way or see someone charging a way to make it work, tell me about it and I’ll see what I can do 😛

Truth be told, I don’t go on Stardoll much anymore, I only login to make sure my account doesn’t get deleted (well, my personal account, T7LAE got deleted ages ago it seems… well, until now, I just made it again :D). So I’m not a huge fan of Stardoll like I once was when I ran this site.

For those who do not know or can’t remember, I made this site NOT to get around Stardoll’s ways and give everyone pictures. I made it because I saw injustice going on. I saw people who had found the way to get images on their pages and charge for them. I didn’t like that, it wasn’t fair. So I made this site so that anyone, rich or poor, could have pictures on their page.

However, as I said above, if you find or see a way to get images on pages, just let me know and I’ll spread the news. I’m doing this more for the past fans of this site as opposed to those who charge or to those who wanna stick it to Stardoll.

I praise you if you read this, I doubt many will as not so many people come here anymore, but still, thanks to those who do and a HUGE thanks to everyone part of my fan club (I still cannot believe I have one!) T7LAE! Last, but not least, CW4ST is still around being as uber as ever 😛

Just A Reminder…

June 10, 2008


That is all 😛

And I thought life was boring…

February 23, 2008

…but how wrong I was. After months of nothingness out of this site and the whole T7LAE thing, suddenly there comes excitement.

After a day of CW4ST’s detective skills and negotiating, we have managed to get the T7LAE account back! Yay! So, you can now once again trust the T7LAE account. Sadly she won’t be as great as she was before due to the fact we have no stardollars on it, despite me confirming the email quite a few times 😐 But, she has her orange hair back and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters 😛

So once again, let’s thank the user who gave up a life of posing as me and gave the account back: froglover1234

w00t! Thankies for giving it back and hopefully now you and everyone else will realise that although I am super mega awesome-like (XD as if :P), posing ain’t cool. I’ve been against posers for ages on Stardoll, celeb posers (before the real ones came along) and other ones too. So kids, if any of you remember my video tutorial on pictures on Stardoll, like I said then: “Don’t do it, noo noo noo” (in referring to the whole posing as me thing – see? This has happened before, T7LAE is a target of posers)

So anyways, thankies again for giving the account back and everyone can now trust the T7LAE account again w00t! Oh, but CW4ST is more online then I am, so if you need to talk to any of us, CW4St is the best option.

Seeyeah all hopefully soon, who knows what will happen now that T7LAE is back on Stardoll 🙂

T7LAE isn’t me anymore

February 22, 2008

Yes, I know, time to jaw drop, I am back and posting! w00t!

However, T7LAE on Stardoll IS NOT ME ANYMORE. Stardoll deleted that account and someone else has taken over it. Really. I mean honestly, have you seen that presentation? In my mind, my alter-ego T7LAE has ORANGE hair, not that light blonde thing going on. Plus, where’s all the awesome clothes? I wouldn’t leave myself naked like that 😐 And last but not least, the whole presentation page looks so tacky, I’m sorry to anyone out there that uses ‘comic sans’ font, but to me, it looks crap – I would NEVER use it. Also, I spell the word ‘accept’ like that, not ‘ecept’ like so on the profile. Oh, and what happened to the grammar? It’s allllll over the place.

So I’m afraid to say the following:
1: That ‘T7LAE’ is no longer me on Stardoll.
2: This post is not an update on the site or the whole picture movement.
3: I have no idea who currently runs the T7LAE club on Stardoll, but it is NOT someone I remember/know, I also have no idea what happened to the last leader 😦
4: As you can also tell, I haven’t been reading any comments :S I might do one day, but I’m not sure if anyone even reads this site anymore :S

So to recap:
DO NOT TRUST T7LAE ANYMORE – SHE IS NOT ME. You can however still trust CW4ST, he was the one infact who informed me of T7LAE suddenly having bleached blonde hair. So CW4ST = good. T7LAE = bad.

I have yet to set up a new account to represent me on Stardoll, so for now, only trust CW4ST.

I might update with more info later, depending on what happens 🙂

Seeyeah 🙂

EDIT: Oh, and you can also trust the account called ‘Kuma_Chang’ on Stardoll, CW4ST created when he forgot his password for a bit 😛 So yes, CW4ST and Kuma_Chang are okie dokies! 😀

SUPER MEGA AWESOME EDIT: After reading some of CW4ST’s crazy rants in his Starblog (PS CW4ST: They used to call it ‘Thoughts’), I wanna reply to him here by replying to his paradox entries, how’s about this for a paradox:
“I understand the paradox of the matter – the cat will get fatter”

>_> Okay, that was just a lyric from a song I wrote ages ago, but STILL, try and work out the paradox in that! w00t!

CW4ST Has Ordered Me To Update…

October 17, 2007

…and I can’t face the wrath of CW4ST 😛

Soooo, he has been bugging me to update and let you guys know what’s going on. The thing is that after Stardoll banned all images on Stardoll.com, I didn’t see the point of this site anymore, so I just stopped updating it. What I didn’t account for was the huge fanbase for this site 😐

I only made this site for one reason: To stop those charging for codes to make pictures work on Stardoll. I didn’t even want to make pictures able on Stardoll in the first place, I only did it cos others were charging. For example, if no one was charging for pictures, then I wouldn’t have made this site, cos there would be no injustice.

If a code is found for images on Stardoll, I’ll post it up here, update the tutorials for it and I might even do some more re-coding of current images. But until then, I don’t know what people want me to do. This whole site and the picture movement was great while it lasted, I had great fun chatting to you guys and fighting against the (still very) silly system Stardoll has going. What needs to be done is not behind-the-scenes coding, what needs to be done is to continue asking Stardoll to change their picture system. There are website all over the world aimed at children who can have pictures on them. I fully 100% understand why Stardoll wants to ban images, if a 6 year old sees something nasty on Stardoll, the parent will stop the child going on the site and that means Stardoll will loose it’s income. So to prevent children being turned away from the site, they make it ultra safe so parents won’t get mad.

But there needs to be a half-way point. I wouldn’t post an image that’s scary or nasty anyways, it’s not nice to those younger ones online. What Stardoll should do is a new system something like:
If I want to post a maybe scary image (say a picture of a gothic singer or something that may scare children – not saying gothic is scary, but see it from a kid’s point of view), then I can mark the image for scary, so only those old enough can see it. Or maybe even my whole suite will be closed off to those under 12 or something (not saying under 12’s are childish, I was a very mature 10 year old who had seen many scary stuff by that point), so then I can be free to post whatever pictures I want up, without being in trouble, cos those who are fine with it will be the only ones who can see it.

Plus, it means parents won’t be afraid that their 6 year olds are talking to people who are much older. So, I see it was a win-win situation. But hey, Stardoll seems to me as a website that’s set in their ways and are unwilling to change. But hopefully the power of the people will make them change, if enough people tell Stardoll what they want, they might just do it. Even if you don’t agree with my ideas, then tell Stardoll your own, they might be able to use a few ideas together to make their own way of making a safe picture system 🙂

Woo, this was meant to be a short message telling you what was going on and now it’s turned into this! Well, if I have any new information I’ll try and update (and if not, CW4ST will make me :P). I’ll just like to thank tose who are still checking up on this site after it not being updated for so long, I looked at the stats and over a 1000 people still visit this site everyday! So thankyou 🙂

And another quick thanks to all that are part of the T7LAE fan club 😀 It’s great to see all those people who like me! Even though I’ve not been so nice to this site 😦 So again, thankyou to you all and hopefully I shall update soon with good information! 😀

OH! And CW4ST has made me put comments on this post, no idea why, I still haven’t gotten around to replying to the 132 other comments yet 😐

Just To Clear Things Up…

September 6, 2007

I just saw this blog entry at “http://stardoll-picz-4-u.blogspot.com“, I would reply there directly, but it said I needed an account at Google, and I dislike Google due to censorship in China (long story), so all in all, I posted my reply here with a picture link to the entry she posted:


Annnnnnd here is my answer:

“Heya, I kinda feel like I have to reply, cos you made up a bunch of stuff about me.

1: I don’t like hardly any of the people I put pictures up of – I don’t even know half the people I code 😐 In fact, I hate High School Musical (NOTE: Yes, shock horror, it is true 😛 ), yet there are loads of pictures of the two female stars. People requested pictures to me, I found and coded them – simple.

2: Not enough pictures? My idea was that I wanted NO pictures on the site, and just have the tutorial so people can do it themselves without waiting for me to do so. But there were errors and stuff, so I did it due to demand. I can’t spend my life coding images that other people want, that’s why I made ways so people wouldn’t need to ask me.

3: Didn’t ask anyone what they liked? Haven’t interacted with my crowd? Haven’t made friends? Haven’t you seen any of the comments and replies I made on the website? Or the fan club I have? I would love to be friends with loads of people I talk to from this site,but I have to protect my real account from being reported incorrectly by haters *cough*i-h8-t7lae*cough*.

4: Last but not least, I honestly didn’t mean to sound horrible here, I just hate it when people lie about me or write stuff without getting the facts, it’s great to see more people giving out free pictures, I support you 100%. If pictures were still working on Stardoll, I’d even link you from my site, however, since Stardoll has now banned images once again, there’s no point.

Lady Z”

Hopefully, she’ll read the message and we can chat on good terms 🙂

Anyways, on the whole picture front, it still looks like there are no images working yet. A HUGE bummer, seeing as just now, but silly internet has fixed 😐 Great timing or what? I am so annoyed about this, but CW4ST (hopefully, he’s PC is now fixed) and I shall still judge the contest, the welcome sign can be made for you club (seeing as pictures still work in clubs).


September 5, 2007

Has Stardoll blocked images for presentations again…? It seems so… however, if we look on the bright side – they still work in clubs 😀

But yeah, it’s still a massive blow for the whole picture movement 😦 I guess it’s back to the whole petition thing: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/StardollPictures – almost 300 people have signed! So, if you wanna help get pictures back while I try and work on a new code, sign that and tell everyone you know to sign it too!

I spent a good hour writing the rest of this entry – then my PC crashed and I lost over an hour of typing 😦 I’m too annoyed to even summarize what I said, so just sign the petition… 😦


September 4, 2007

Yep, that’s right, I’m not dead, I REALLY am alive, I just haven’t been able to update due to internet connection problems – STILL. But WordPress likes me today and I’ve been able to look at the comments. I shall first approve those that don’t need a reply (those saying thanks or saying the editable signs don’t work), then I’ll do the comments with the images/designs/signs/pictures you guys made, then I’ll finally approve the normal comments that need a reply! So bare with me, as this will take ALOT of time (had over 100 comments!), but I shall finally do it!

The good-ish news is that I know why my internet connection is having problems, and it’s down to the phone lines, so hopefully when they get fixed, I can FINALLY judge the contest along with CW4ST! 😀

1 New Picture Added To: Working Stardoll Images By: Zaz1234
14 New Pictures Added To: Working Stardoll Images By: Oh_yeh_*

Working Stardoll Images By: Pinkblackandgirly
Working Stardoll Images By: Kitkatchoccie


I’ve commented to those people who wanted replies, if I didn’t reply to your comment, I must have missed it, please comment again 🙂